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Figure 1 : Various parts of Bend Stiffener Connector
Bend Stiffener Connector (BSC) was developed by DTI to facilitate “diverless” connection of Umbilical and Flow line bend stiffeners to I-tube or J-tube. The innovative design (patent pending) enables easy installation in three simple steps which reduces the complexity of the process and also reduces the cost of operation.BSC consists of a funnel weldment (I-tube interface) and a shaft assembly Bend stiffener interface) along with a locking mechanism. The top of the funnel assembly is attached to the I-tube (welded or flanged) and the shaft is attached to the bend stiffener with an adapter flange. The shaft assembly is pulled into the funnel assembly and is Auto-latched to the funnel assembly with the dogs in the latching mechanism. Figure 2(a) shows the initial position of the shaft and funnel. Figure 2 (b) shows the shaft being pulled into the funnel. Figure 2 (c) shows the final position after the cam plate is pushed by the ROV to the lock position.
Figure 2 (a) Figure 2 (b) Figure 2 (c)
Major benefits of using DTI Bend Stiffener Connectors
  • IMPROVED SAFETY – Eliminates need for diving operations for connecting bend stiffener to I-tube
  • LOWER SCHEDULING RISK – Eliminates the need to coordinate installation vessel activity with diving activity.
  • LOWER COST – Reduces the cost of installation by eliminating the need to have diving support available during riser installation; and minimizing installation vessel standby time during the connection process.
  • TIME SAVING – The total time for making up the connection is less than 1/2 hour when compared to 10-12 hrs. total time using divers or other connectors.
The BSC connectors are manufactured in three standard sizes with customizable end interfaces depending on the requirement. The sizes and load specification is included in Table 1. However the design is easily scalable to meet any Load / Functional requirements. The current maximum static bending load capacity is upto 800,000 FT.-LB. (for 30” Connector)
Table 1 : Standard sizes and corresponding load rating of BSCs.

S/N Size (in) Min. Calculated Static Bending Load (lb-ft)
1. 18 155,712
2. 20 376,585
3. 24 656,672
Detailed FEA analysis is conducted on the BSC for structural integrity in static load conditions as well as fatigue loading. Figure 3 shows a FEA image of the analysis conducted on the funnel and the shaft assembly of the Bend stiffener connector.
Figure 3 : FEA Image of Bend Stiffener Connector Funnel and Shaft
For more details download Bend Stiffener Connectors Presentation

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